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Listen to Roxana's new original song "Among The Dead"! It's now OUT EVERYWHERE!

Roxana seamlessly blends emo, musicals and rock influences in a self-contained, easter-egg-filled universe of musical fairytales. 

After writing and fully arranging songs since the age of 13, fronting three bands (first of which she founded while still in high-school) and finally making a move to Los Angeles in 2019, she is now ready to bring all of her music together under this solo project. Her goal is to use this platform to tell stories through intertwined lyrics, harmony, and visual art.

Over her performance career, Roxana took part in over a dozen of competitions and talent shows (some televised) often winning first prizes for her outstanding vocal performances, original music, and stage appearances. 

February 24th, 2020 her single "Paper House" made it into semi-finals of the 2019 International Songwriter Competition leaving over 16,000 submissions behind. Music Video for her single "That's The Way You're Giving Up" also became a semi-finalist of the ISC in March of 2021. 


Roxana is currently recording two of her albums. The first one is full of powerful emo/pop-punk tunes in the best traditions of My Chemical Romance and The Used. The second one is a pop-rock concept album with some influences drawn from Marianas Trench and Panic! At The Disco. Recently Roxana began writing a brand new musical set in 19th century England exploring the sonic pallet of her favorite Disney musicals written by the legendary Alan Menken and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert Lopez duo.

“Every song I write is like a beautiful tiny crystal for me, each with angles and sides, which are: notes, sounds, words, special metaphors, and symbols. Each crystal has a special pattern, and even if it’s similar to another one, it’s never identical, yet they all live in one reality together.”





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