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Among The Dead - Lyrics

Many years I helped people
Strike the final chord
What is wrong? It's so simple
To bring their loved to the next world.

Is this place better
Than dead abode?
I mean this world.

Shadows dancing in a dim light,
Right behind the church door...
I can hear you out there!
Please come home!

I'm not a stranger to the tragedy
And the town keeps saying it's driving me mad.

My dear!
Yes, my darling!
It tears
Into pieces...
This fear…
Makes believe
That Hell is a part of this world…


I dreamed
It's a nightmare
It haunts
I know I swear
I seem
To have lost 
A part of myself like a ghost who's wandering asleep.

My memory gives a sign, it hurts
These walls in my room exist – I don't.

We dreamed
Of a wonder
We're both
Six feet under
This fear
Makes believe
That everyone here is a ghost who's wandering asleep.

In a candle light,
Through the night
Down the trail... I failed.
Now we're dead, but the dread will not end.

"Among The Dead" © Roxana Line, 2012

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