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“Among The Dead” is the second chapter
of my original musical horror story!

…1838. You are stepping your foot into the Grim Town’s infamous Berghorst Mortuary to investigate the case of mysterious passing of both owners.

Many years ago Sir Berghorst went missing in the swamps. Reportedly, overtaken by her grief, Lady Berghorst was unable to come to terms with her loss. Townsfolk say that she carried on with their family business as if nothing happened, but “she wasn’t all there,” as some put it. Her confused mind led her to believe that her husband was returning soon. Later, her body was found in a chair in her room with walls covered in mirrors and a blown candle on the floor…

There are talks of frightening whispers and strange glowing lights wandering through the graveyard. Some even swear that they have seen Lady Berghorst in the window of the mortuary, they say she might still be waiting for her dearly departed husband to come back home…

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"Among The Dead" © Roxana Line, 2021

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